Westworld Season 2 Episode 2: Reunion

Happy Monday! The Viking and I had an outstanding day yesterday and I woke up so happy and content.  I love when life is awesome like that.  But then it was Monday, and like all Monday’s Blue had to throw a fit because he knows Monday’s means we go back to work.  So he whined at me all morning.  Now he’s happy and loving and being super loving.  I wish he was like that in the mornings that’d be great.  All 3 dogs aren’t exactly happy this afternoon because it’s raining.  But I don’t mind, as long as it stays as rain and doesn’t turn to snow. It’s almost May, it doesn’t need to snow.

Last night was the second episode of Westworld’s second season and it was titled “Reunion.”  Like last week I think we’ll talk about each character’s story line and go from there.

Dolores and Teddy – She made the techs, or people that work at Westworld, show Teddy his deaths.  After torturing one of the techs to find out where the people would be coming to take back control of the park, she took a tech with her group so that he could help them.  She went to some outlaws and recruited them as her army and at first when they didn’t want to comply Dolores’ gang shot them.  Then this is the tech’s part, he woke them up on her command and they joined her.

Past Dolores and William – A good chunk of the episode was spent flushing out this story.  Before Arnold died, he and Robert brought a bunch of the hosts to the city to do demonstrations for investors, and one is William’s brother-in-law,Logan.  They were having a dinner party and Logan was kind of pissy because he wanted a private demonstration and they assured him that it was.  Later, after William and Logan’s actual stay in the park, which we see in season 1, William brings his father-in-law to the park to convince him to invest in this.  Several years later, I’d guess at least 5 years later, they have a party for the father-in-law to retire, and again the hosts are present.  We see that Logan has become a druggy, and William is the favorite now.  Throughout the whole episode we see Dolores is drawn to the lights of the city.  I’m sure that will have significance, but I’m not sure what at the moment.

The Man in Black – He has recruited Lawrence, who as we saw in season 1, was kind of his first guide through the park with Dolores.  I’m not exactly sure what they’re after, but the Man in Black is in 7th heaven living out the final story that Robert has set up for him where the stakes are real.

Maeve – We see her for just a minute when she crosses Dolores’ path as she goes to search for her daughter.  I did notice the writer, Lee, wasn’t with her anymore.  But it looks like next week we’ll get to see a lot more of her.

The Viking and I were talking about this show and we think this show would have been a lot better if they would have just told the past story and then done a time jump in another season or two and gone on with the current story.  I know they probably think it’s a draw all of this trying to figure out where we’re actually at, but to be honest it’s just annoying.  We also think that a lot of this is scripted and isn’t exactly that the hosts have come alive, but rather they’ve been given these memories back because the park has a record of everything that has went on since they came into existence and Robert could have set them up, or rather had Bernard set them up.  We’re also not 100% convinced that Robert is dead, but I’m sure if he’s alive, he’ll make an appearance by the end of the season.  The other frustrating thing is that Dollhouse already kind of explored the issue of people that are essentially dolls remembering things that they weren’t supposed to.  So we’ll finish out this season, but at the moment it’s not being the most amazing show ever.  It’s kind of like the creators and writers, don’t really know why the first season was successful and are trying something new every episode until they figure it out.  And honestly, good luck to them, because I don’t really know what it is about the first season that made it great.

Next week I am looking forward to seeing what Maeve’s up to and also the tiger.  We already know from Episode 1 that the tiger ends up dead.  The Viking’s guess is that the Man in Black takes it out, but I don’t know.  Below is the trailer for next week from youtube.com.

And I have done it, I’ve completed for the first time ever Camp NaNoWriMo!  Woohoo!  So tomorrow I’ll be talking about that and also I’ll have an update and some news so tune back in for that awesomeness!

Until then!

-The Viking’s Wife

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