Westworld Season 2 Episode 1: Journey into Night

This post is much later than planned, like 12 hours later than planned, but I had a bunch of stuff to do today.  Before I get too far, did you hear the Duke and Duchess had their 3rd baby today?  Amazing huh?  And that kid was like 8 hours old and they left the hospital.  I don’t know about where you’re from but in my home town they require you to stay for 24 hours and certain things need to happen, like first bath, circumcision, and other bodily things.  However, I guess on kid number 3 things are a bit more lax.  And the shape she’s in.  It’s inspiring, and genetic probably.

Now onto the real reason we’re here: Westworld season 2 premiere. FYI Spoilers ahead.

Bernard: We know that Robert did an amazing job integrating him into the work force and creating him.  Except for one person on the rescue team, they all believe him to be human.  Trying to keep this secret seems to be a key part of his story line this season.  We also learn from his scenes that it’s been 2 weeks since Dolores shot Robert and mayhem ensued.  What we don’t know is for sure how all of those hosts end up dead.  Bernard says he killed them, but what does that mean?  Did he order them all to walk into the water and drown themselves?  Why?  We also learn that the park is collecting DNA samples and who knows what else from the guests.  Like the Viking said, you can do all kinds of stuff with people’s DNA, can you imagine what these people are doing with it?  I think Bernard will wrestle with his humanity as he learns about the darker side of Westworld.

Maeve: She’s on the search for her daughter.  She reconnects with Hector after finding the writer, Lee, who’s a slimy son of a bitch if you ask me.  Why she’s keeping him around is beyond me.  She seems to be a lot more confident this season, and with her I feel like you can see Ford’s plans a lot better.  His final story was for the hosts to be presented with choices and decide their story.  Maeve was presented with the choice: leave and see the human world, or stay and find her daughter and she decided to stay to find her daughter.  The Viking commented on her relationship with Hector and like I pointed out these hosts were made to be as lifelike as possible.  The ability to love and have relationships is a huge part of that. Regardless of the fact that they are essentially robots.  However, according to Arnold they were alive, and that is the point of the maze.  Maeve also points out another theme for the show overall: reality.  She essentially asks Lee to explain to her where reality begins and fantasy ends.  It’s a very interesting discussion and I’m excited to see what happens with the rest of the season.

Dolores: She touches a lot more on the concept of reality.  She talks about remembering all the lives she lived  I feel like her deal is all about revenge, which is different than all the other hosts.  She was alive all those years ago, and 35 years later finally woke up again.  I feel like her anger fuels her a lot more, but she needs the support of the hosts around her and most importantly Teddy. I am very interested to see what she has to show him in the next episode. I wasn’t super into her long speeches, but the Viking and I both prefer Maeve’s story line to Dolores’.

The Man in Black: “He’s been training for this for 35 years.” – the Viking.  And he’s right.  He’s finally getting what he wanted and we think he’s truly elated.  As literally the only human that could survive this it will be great to see what happens to him and the path he takes.  If he and Dolores will go toe to toe, or what.  I also think that Ford is still trying to give him his story and fulfill what he wants.  After all, if you freaking own the place, you may as well get what you want.


What the hell is up with those creepy alien-like faceless hosts?

How many “worlds” are there and what are they?

At the end of the season, where will we go?  Will Westworld continue?

New Character:

Karl Strand: member of the board and he’s played by Gustaf Skarsgard which if you’re a Geek like me, you know that he played Floki on Viking’s.  I love that guy and the Skarsgard family in general.  Whatever is in their genes they make great actors.  I’m very excited to see what he brings to the show.

The thing I loved most about this episode is that each story, while connected is so different.  I didn’t feel like when Dolores was on screen I couldn’t wait to get back to Maeve.  It’s a well developed enough story that it could completely pull me in.  I honestly don’t know the last time that happened, but it was a very welcome change of pace.  Also I loved the concept of reality.  What makes something real?  Who determines what’s real and what’s not? It reminded me of Jurassic World when Owen (Chris Pratt) is telling Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) that as far as these animals are concerned they’re real and alive and have needs.  Just because they were made in a lab, doesn’t mean that those needs go away.  They’re still hungry and thirsty just like anything else in the world.

“You might have made them in a test tube, but they don’t know that. They’re thinking, “I gotta eat. I gotta hunt. I got to…” (pumps the air with his fist; awkward pause) You can relate to at least… one of those things, right?”

And that’s true of these hosts.  They are made to be so lifelike that they feel attractions.  They have desires to love and be loved and they can get angry just like we do.  The bad thing is, like Dolores, she can remember all the times she’s essentially been raped, and killed, and whatever else happened to her.  So now she’s out for revenge and nothing is going to stop her.  Also she knows that as long as the humans are around she’ll never have a chance for peace.  So really, they’ve given her no choice.

So the Viking wasn’t as impressed with this season, however I’m excited for it. However, I would agree that it didn’t hook quite as well as the first season did. I am curious to see what happens especially with Floki, I mean Karl Strand’s character, and then I see Young William is in the trailer below and next week we’ll be back to do it again, hopefully much earlier in the day.

Westworld Season 2 ‘In the Weeks Ahead’ Trailer Teases More Mysteries

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