Welcome to my first #wagwednesday post! The point of this post is mostly to go over what all’s been happening both in the Viking household and on the blog and look forward to the next month. It’s a lot like my HELLO or HELLO Weekend posts that I’ve done in the past but have since moved away from. It also gives me the opportunity to post lots of pictures of my dogs, hence the name. So let’s get down to business!

On the homefront

The Viking had to work out of town…. a lot. When he gets home we are all excited!

The Viking’s dad passed away this month. While they were not close by any means losing a parent is a tough situation to deal with. With the stress of that and work we decided we needed a break and currently are on vacation. We are all enjoying the extra time to relax and just hang out together.

Jager baby has allergies and we’ve been trying to get her well for a long while. While the medication from the vet does help, it’s not quite got her to 100%. So she is unhappily wearing a cone. She tries to be battering ram with it just in case we didn’t understand that she hates it.

On the blog

Mondays: We started out with the Fairy Loot December Unboxing. The next two weeks were book reivews of the two books that came in the box. Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst and The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson. This last week I started reading the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. So far I’ve only read Eragon.

Tuesdays: I’ve been working my way through A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I read the books and watch the episodes. This month we were able to get through the first five books(The Bad BeginningThe Reptile RoomThe Wide WindowThe Miserable Milland The Austere Academy) of the series and completely through the first season.

I also wrote a miscellaneous post and that was a tour of my new home office! I absolutely love it and look forward to doing a couple more adjustments and showing to you next month. Blue and Jager really like it and Pippy hangs out in the den in case I decide not to be boring.

I’ve also read 10 books this month! I also received my book marks from the December Fairy Loot Box today! I think a huge help to this accomplishment is this reading journal. I’ve set daily reading goals and can keep track of my progress too. I think I need to up my coloring game but it works for now. I’ve also been keeping track of my favorite quotes. I am going to continue to try to pull ones from new books every month.

Thank you to everyone who visits the blog. I hit 800 views this month and I truly am grateful for it.

Coming soon….

Mondays: I’ll continue to work through and finish the Inheritance Cycle. This will be interrupted on the 18th when I do a review of Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye. That is the book out of Fairy Loot’s January Box.

Tuesdays: A Series of Unfortunate Events comparisons will continue to appear weekly. From what I’ve got planned out I’ll get through books 6 through 9 this month.

Wednesdays: There will be a post every Wednesday this month! They will all be a bit different. The first two will be list posts on romance novels and Valentine gifts. The third week will be about why I’ve never read The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. And we’ll wrap up the last Wednesday with another #wagwednesday.

Finally, on Thursday, February 7th I will be doing the Unboxing of Fairy Loot’s January Unbreakable Bonds box.

Until then, happy reading!

-The Viking’s Wife

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