How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World Movie Review

On Friday night the Viking took me out on a date night and after a nice dinner we went to see How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World. It was so good! I can’t wait to tell you about it! But first I think I need to do a public service announcement about one of the previews you’re going to see.

The preview for A Dog’s Journey is brutal. Seriously. A dog dies and then is reincarnated multiple times throughout the preview, let alone who knows how many times in the actual movie. And it is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

We all know when we bring a dog into our homes, lives, and hearts that we’re probably going to outlive them. That thought is something that I don’t like to think about because it will be awful enough when it does happen why waste time on it now? So why would I watch a movie that pounds it into my head for 2 hours and go through an entire box of tissues? No thank you.

My advice is to plug your ears and keep your eyes down until you see the person next to you sigh in relief then you know the torture is over and you are safe to enjoy the movie.

Summary – Remember spoilers!

Now let’s talk about How to Train your Dragon 3! A year after the second movie Berk is over run with dragons. Hiccup, Toothless, and gang are freeing dragons from trappers every chance they get. Hiccup and Astrid also have not tied the knot yet, and seem to be a little on the outs.

After the gang frees a bunch of dragons, a group of trappers turns to Grimmel, the Night Fury Killer. The give him a Light Fury, a female white Night Fury, and when Toothless sees her he falls in love. This is Grimmel’s plan. Some how he plans to track the Light Fury and capture Toothless and complete his goal of wiping out the Night Furies.

After Grimmel threatens Toothless, Hiccup evacuates Berk. His hope is to find a legend Stoic, Hiccup’s dad, talked about when he was a child. The Hidden World, a place at the edge of the world where dragons could live in peace. Hiccup hopes to find it and keep his people and the dragons safe.

While Hiccup’s elated that Toothless isn’t the last of his kind, the Light Fury is not trusting of humans and won’t let Hiccup near her. So to allow Toothless to be near here he devises a new fin to keep him in the air. Astrid makes the comment that Toothless didn’t want that before, and Hiccup tells her that now he does.

Meanwhile, Hiccup’s mom, Valka, goes to see if Grimmel is following them. She sees there are enough cages on the boats for all of their dragons. When she goes to tell Hiccup, Toothless still has not returned.

Astrid and Hiccup set out to find him and find the Hidden World instead. It’s absolutely stunning and full of tons of dragons, including Toothless and the Light Fury. After they’re discovered, Toothless saves them but has to abandon the Light Fury. However, she follows them.

This victory is short lived as Grimmel shows up and captures Toothless and the Light Fury. By threatening her, he is able to make Toothless use his Alpha commands to capture all of Berk’s dragons into cages.

The gang attacks Grimmels’ ship and is able to free the dragons. Grimmel takes the Light Fury and Hiccup and Toothless chase them down. Toothless gets drugged and Grimmel and Hiccup end up falling. The Light Fury is the hero and saves Toothless and Hiccup thankfully.

Once everyone is reunited with their dragons, Hiccup makes the hard choice to let the dragons go. They belong in the Hidden World with Toothless as their Alpha. The people of Berk say goodbye and then all of the dragons head out over the water with Toothless being the last to take off.

That winter Astrid and Hiccup are married and the people of Berk adjust to life without dragons. A few years later, Astrid and Hiccup take their children, a boy and a girl, out to the edge of the Hidden World and after a minute Toothless remembers him. Toothless and the Light Fury also have 3 babies and they spend some time together.

Things I love!

  1. Since Astrid and Hiccup are having some issues Toughnut and Valka have taken it upon themselves to help them. Toughnut has some great lines in these conversations. Including poking a bit of fun at the way Hiccup’s voice is. Valka tries to encourage Astrid to be more. To be the one who supports Hiccup and to remind him of who he is, and who he could be.
  2. I love the bits of story that flash back to when Hiccup was a boy growing up with Stoic. It is great that he is still in the movie and that Hiccup in a way looks to him for guidance.
  3. This is the last of the movies and I knew that walking into the theater. And I hate to burst your bubble but there are no dragons in our world, unfortunately. With those two things in mind I love the way the story’s ending takes on the form of a legend and tells that dragons are below the Earth rumbling and spewing lava reminding us they’re there. It is a neat and fitting way to end a great series.

Should you go see it?

Have you seen the first two movies? Do you love vikings and the lore that goes with them? (If you answered no to that question I might be offended ;)) Do you love dragons? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should go see this movie!

I loved the first two movies and think this is a great end to the story. I cried when Stoic died in the second movie, and laugh every time I watch any of the movies. Now I need to go watch the Netflix series and decide if I want the Build a Bear Plushes or the Funk Pop’s to add to my collection. Oh and this entire thing is based on a book series that I have never read. So I’ll probably have to get my hands on that and see how it is!

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