HELLO Weekend!

My week got away from me, so instead of #wagwednesday, we’re going to bring back HELLO Weekend today. Today’s post will go over all the posts that happened in February, along with some other tidbits from the Viking household, and will lay out my plans for March. Enjoy!

This is my sweet Jager puppy every morning. She enjoys sleeping in.


Snow, snow, and more snow! There seems to be a never ending supply of it and some very cold temps to go with it this year. I don’t ever remember it being this cold for this long before. I am definitely ready for spring and I think our pups are too!

Why is it still snowing?

I did not get as many posts as I wanted to up in February. Partially because I feel behind in my daily reading goals. I hope to get caught up in March and stay that way. But that doesn’t mean nothing was going on. I hit an overall goal of 500 visitors and well over 900 views. Thank you so much for coming to the blog and seeing what I’m up to, I really appreciate it.

Blue is not impressed that I did not share breakfast.


How to Train Your Dragon 3 came out towards the end of February. It was a great movie and if you’d like to read my review, click here.

The city finally was moving the snow that had piled up along the street.

In March we have American Gods coming back for Season 2 and we’re pretty excited about that. I also am gearing up for April 14th when the final season of Game of Thrones comes back! I am trying to decide if I’ll review those or not.

And Blue was supervising to make sure they did it right.

The Kid is a western movie that came out on Friday. Unfortunately, our theater did not get it, or at least not yet. But as soon as it comes out I’ll definitely see it! I think if you’re a fan of Magnificent 7 you should check it out!

Sweet snuggles on a snowy day.

Lovely Links

Here’s what else happened on the blog this month:

This is why it’s hard to get the bed made.


Like I talked about above American Gods is coming back for Season 2, starting this weekend. While the Viking and I will wait to watch it until the entire season is out, I am getting ready for it. I am re-listening to the audio book and we are rewatching the first season. As soon as those are completed I will have a post for you to get you caught up and prepared for Season 2.

I’ll be finishing two book series this month. First is my comparison and reviews of A Series of Unfortunate Events. When I get the Autobiography of Lemony Snicket done, I’ll put together a page with easy access to all of the posts. I’ll also be finishing up The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Fairy Loot has a lot going on right now! I will have three posts for you this month. There will be the regular unboxing and book review of course. But in preparation for their special edition, Finale by Stephanie Garber box they are doing read alongs for the first two books. This month is Caraval. I’ll be posting a review on the book along with my decision if I’m going to buy the special edition box or not.

Of Course we have St. Patty’s Day this month so there will be a little bookish post on that. Then there are three birthdays this month in our lives. This next week is my dad’s so there will be a post with some pictures for that. Then both our girlies, Pippy and Jager, have birthdays. So come back for a bunch of cute puppy pictures on those days.

And that’s it folks! Until next time, happy reading!

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