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The Chronicles of Sabrina: I’ve talked about it a lot over the past few months and I have some disappointing news.  Last Tuesday the Viking and I sat down to start the series and watch the pilot episode.  However, neither of us could really get into and found it lacking.  After discussing it, we have narrowed it down to two reasons.  The first is timing.  The main story arc is Sabrina having to let go of her mortal life to become a full fledged witch.  However,  from where we are, there’s only two days until she has to decide and we went through 2 days in the first episode.  We think it would have been better if she had either made the decision in the first episode, and they went ahead with the repercussions of it, or have it build to that throughout the whole season and have her make the choice in the season finale.  The other problem they have is there is a lot of information to absorb and they tell it to you in conversation form.  Which is boring.  The main rule that any good show writer will tell you is that you need to show the audience your story.  For example, take the very first episode of Riverdale, as Jugghead narrates and tells you about Jason Blossom disappearing they are showing him and Cheryl going down to the boat, and then in the boat, and finally her sitting alone on the rocks.  Yes they did tell us what happened, but they also showed us what was going on.  So for the future of this show, I am not saying that there won’t be a review on  it eventually.  However, the Viking and I have quite the back log of shows to watch and we’re heading into one of the busiest times of the year, so for now I’m going to shelve it and when I am looking for something new to watch I’ll try to pick it back up.

The Ranch has been renewed for a fourth season.  Like Sabrina, this will not be a super high priority but will be something that I’ll probably get to eventually.

Fuller House‘s next season is coming out the middle of December.  I will be doing a review on this dorky little show sometime between it’s release and Christmas.

The Big Bang Theory “The Grant Allocation Derivation”: The gang helps Howard build a playhouse for Halley.  This turns into a hideout for Bernadette so she can get a break between her job and coming home.  By the end of the week Amy and Penny are hanging out in it with her.  The best part about this is that Howard knows all about it and just lets it be.  Sometimes you have to pick your battles, and he knows that she needs a break and so he gives it to her.  Leonard is given the chance to hand out some leftover funds at work and has a hard time choosing a project to fund.  After a conversation with Sheldon he decides to buy himself a laser because no matter what he was going to make someone mad and this way he gets something he wants.  This earns him Sheldon’s approval.

Young Sheldon “Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon”: Connie holds a yard sale to get rid of all of her husband’s stuff.  She finds it a lot harder than she thought she would, especially when John tries on one of the jackets.  She also teaches Georgie and Missy a little bit about negotiating and haggling.  George takes Sheldon to a lecture on Carbon dating, where Sheldon runs into Paige and ends up in trouble after sneaking into a closed exhibit.  While George waits for Sheldon he goes to get a bite to eat and watch the game but is interrupted.  First by Paige’s mom, Linda, and then by her dad, Barry.  Those two are having lots of problems.  This makes George appreciate Mary and while life isn’t always easy, he’s got it pretty good.

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Halloween Favorites: My teal pumpkin project test run was a success!  Definitely a neat idea!


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