Last week the Viking and I took a week off together.  We got lots of time together including some time in the outdoors and lots of projects and to-do’s marked off that we just hadn’t gotten around to.  The point of our vacation was hunting and we definitely did part of that by getting an antelope one day.  However, it was just nice to have a good chunk of time to spend together.


The Rookie: A new show starring Nathan Fillion.  I’m not sure which channel it’s on but we can watch it on Hulu!  In the pilot episode we’re introduced to three rookies. One is the son of a police officer and turns out to be a coward, the next is a girl who of course has to prove she can keep up and finally is John Nolan, a 40 year old who worked construction for 20 years and now is trying to be a cop.  He faces a lot of push back and does help himself by getting involved with the female rookie.  It’s an interesting show and we’re going to continue to watch it and you can catch the recaps of the episode every week right here in the Entertainment section of my HELLO post on Mondays!

The Big Bang Theory “The Planetarium Collision”: Sheldon interfere’s with Amy’s job because she doesn’t have time to work on their project.  Obviously, she’s furious with him and even more so when it can’t be undone. She later confides in him that one of her biggest fears is that she will loser herself in their relationship and things she truly cares about, like her work, gets pushed aside.  Raj is upset when his boss offers Howard a chance to speak at the planetarium but ends up swallowing his pride in the end and they do a show together.  Penny and Leonard learn a little bit too much about the Walowitz’s sex life.

Young Sheldon “A Research Study and Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries”: This episode is all about Sheldon and his twin, Missy.  A research study  comes up at the University Dr. Sturgis teaches at involving twins.  The family agrees to go and George Sr. is most excited about the funds they receive for it, Sheldon’s excited to take a punch of tests, and Missy’s excited about the Dairy Queen her dad bribed her with.  Sheldon excels in all but one area, reading people’s emotions and being insightful.  Ironically, this is where Missy excels.  The family watches and Mary is hurt when she hears how Missy sometimes feel lefts out.

Lovely Links

Last week had one post go live on the blog, my review/recap of Jack Ryan.  It’s a good action thriller that can be checked out on Amazon.


Daredevil season 3 premiered Friday, October 19th.  A recap or review of that will be coming as soon as we get that watched so be on the lookout for that.

Also a reminder that The Chronicles of Sabrina comes out this Friday.  The review/recap of this will probably most definitely be up before the Daredevil one.  I am hoping to get this out next week, however Red Dead Redemption II comes out on Friday as well so we will be splitting our entertainment time between those two.

Until then have a great week!

-The Viking’s Wife


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