The Viking and I are on vacation this week!  The Viking is doing day hunts and I am mostly just trying to relax, catch up on housework and projects.  It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a vacation and I think it’s just the reset we need!


The Big Bang Theory “The Tam Turbulence”: This is an episode where the past and the future are both present.  Sheldon’s childhood friend, Tam, comes to town and reaches out to Sheldon.  We find out that no one in Sheldon’s circle of friends knows anything about him and that these two haven’t spoken in 20 years.  Sheldon’s held a grudge because Tam was supposed to come to California with Sheldon, but after getting a girlfriend he decided to stay in Texas. In the end they make amends and both are happy with the way their lives turned out.  Bernadette and Amy are curious about Anu and decide to take matters into their own hands.  They go to dinner with her and after deciding she’s okay they have some drinks and spill on all of Raj’s flaws, much to his dismay. I liked this episode and thought it was very funny and in a lot of ways similar to the older episodes.  I especially liked all of the flashbacks to some of the most memorable times with Penny and instead of Leonard being there it’s Tam.  I also liked that we are bringing in a lot more aspects of Sheldon’s old life from Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon “A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce”: While Sheldon is working on his parents’ taxes he discovers a missing check.  He asks his dad about it and is asked to keep it a secret from Mary.  But Sheldon being the way he is, stresses himself out over it until he decides to go to Tom’s for a sleepover.  Afterwards, Sheldon tells his dad he can no longer look at him as a role model.  George decides to come clean and he, Connie, and Georgie end up in trouble.  Those little moments between George Sr. and Sheldon are so heavy because we know that George is going to die and Sheldon will probably end up with a lot of regrets.

Blue fell asleep and I had to hold his head up with my foot. Not the most comfortable position, but he’s so cute it’s worth it.

Lovely Links

I made a double batch of these muffins and they are soooo good!  You can click here and it will take you to the recipe.  I let mine go a little too long in the oven so they darkened up a bit more than hers did, but they were still just as tasty.

2 batches of the muffins minus one that I already ate.


Same as last week. However, I am going to add that I saw there is Escape Plan 2 available to watch on Amazon Prime, so if we take some down time during our vacation and like that I will work on a review of it.

Until then have a great week!

-The Viking’s Wife

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