Happy New Year’s Eve 2018!

Happy New Year’s Eve! However you choose to celebrate the holiday make sure you stay safe! The Viking and I have a few traditions, but we don’t usually make it to midnight, or rather I don’t. For the most part we just enjoy the extra time together. This year I’ll really be enjoying it because I am ready to leave 2018 in the past. It’s been a long and stressful year that started in the fall of 2017. I have so many hopes for the new year.

As is part of most new year’s I also have a handful of resolutions, the main one being for this blog. I want to be more consistent with my posts. I recently decided to turn this blog into a book blog to combine two of my hobbies: reading and writing. I have plans to read several books and talk about them throughout the month. But first I wanted to take a quick minute to look back at the few book reviews I did complete in 2018.

Not a lot, I know, but enough. Like I said I have a ton planned for the new year starting with dragons! I bought my first ever book subscription box in November and it was Fairy Loot’s December box which was dragon themed. I’ll be doing the unboxing on January 7th and then reviewing the two books that came in it, one each for the next two Mondays. Also if you follow me on Instagram (just click the little Instagram icon and it will take you right to my profile), I’ll be participating in the events there. I also noticed that I have a ton of dragon themed books that I have either not read, or have not read in years so I will be working through those every Monday starting with Eragon the final Monday of the month.

On Tuesdays for the next couple of months I will be working on a comparison of the Netflix Original Series A Series of Unfortunate Events and the original novels. There are 13 books so that should take us well into March.

Finally, there will be a couple random posts. The first will be a walk through of my new home office including a peak at my book shelves. I’m spending some time working on it here and there, so I’m not sure when it will come out. The other post will come on the final Wednesday of the month and will be titled Wag Wednesday. Mostly I’ll throw up some pictures of what we’ve been up to probably pictures of the dogs based on experience. I’ll also talk about all of the posts that I’ve done over the past month and then will move onto laying out what I have in store for February, much like this post.

Before I sign off I wanted to take the chance to thank everyone who has come by the blog even if it was just for one post. I am so excited for 2019 and all that I have planned and the little surprises that life throws my way. I hope that you’ll continue to come by and see what we’re up to.

Until then happy reading and happy New Year!

-The Viking’s Wife

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