Happy Belated Birthday Pippy!

I don’t know where the time goes, but this post is only about a week late, ooops! But last Friday, the 22nd, our first baby Pippy turned 10 years old! Once again, where does the time go? To commemorate this special occasion I thought I would share 10 stories/facts from over the years.

  1. We adopted Pippy when she was just a baby. About 8 or 9 weeks old. So we picked her up from a no kill shelter in Montana and loaded her up in the truck. We were going to Petsmart to pick out some items for her and it was less than 10 minutes from the shelter. As we pulled into the parking lot she threw up in my seat. Lovely huh? I guess in a way she was marking her territory. This is my truck and my people, FOREVER!
  2. She is definitely our first baby. in the house the Viking had when we met there was a laundry room that was pretty spacious. And perfect for a little puppy that wasn’t potty trained yet. So we got her set up in there and then I went home for the night. But little Pippy wasn’t going to sleep by herself. The Viking ended up sleeping on the floor next to her bed the first night. I’m not sure how many nights he did that before he just pulled her into bed with him. And that’s how she’s slept ever since.
  3. For the first chunk of Pippy’s life we pretty much took her everywhere with us. She was so small it wasn’t an issue. She would sometimes end up on top of the dashboard so she could see whatever she wanted and because it was warm.
  4. Pippy is the kind of dog I probably should have taken to train to do agility courses. While all three of the dogs love the yard for different reasons, Pippy loves to leap up and grab things or get a better view. And the railroad ties in the back yard are perfect for that.
  5. Now that the sun is shining (at times), Pippy can get back to one of her favorite past times: sun bathing. Whether it’s on the deck or in front of the big door facing the back yard, Pippy loves to lay in the sun. And with that black triple layer coat I don’t know how she stands it. More than once I’ve gone to pet her and felt like if she was any warmer I’d burn myself.
  6. More than once I’ve called Pippy a princess. And there are two reasons for that. The first is she loves to lay on soft things, specifically to perch on top of a pillow or even better, a big old stack of pillows.
  7. The second reason Pippy’s a princess is because she’s a little bit spoiled. Or a lot. But one time we had to take some stuff to a relative’s home in Idaho that was really nice. No one was at the house yet to let us in so I decided to get out of the vehicle to stretch my legs and love on the dogs. When I opened the door Pippy jumped right into my arms like “Okay, this is my new home take me into my castle.”
  8. To this day I truly believe the best thing we have ever done for Pippy was adopt Jager. She was lonely but once Jager came into the picture she was like a brand new dog. And now Blue keeps her active. They’ll play around in the yard a lot.
  9. I have trained Pippy to do one thing really well, and it was a joke and a complete accident. When she was a puppy I told her to kill the birds. (It’s no secret I don’t like them). Ever since she’s been a bird killing machine. As a puppy she would lay on my parents’ deck and watch their little bird feeder. Then she would race off the deck to catch one and can leap pretty high to catch them. This activity continues to this day. Last summer Pippy and Blue each grabbed onto one and ripped it in half.
  10. While bird hunting is fun and all, she has her eyes on a new target: squirrels. There has been one or two that run through the yard and taunt the dogs on a pretty regular basis. It really keeps her active chasing the squirrel (or the imaginary squirrel) up and down the fence.

Pippy had a wonderful birthday on Friday with a puppicino and lots of loving. Happy belated 10th birthday Princess Pip!

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