Happy Belated Birthday Dad!

Yesterday my dad turned 45! So happy belated birthday to him. And I thought I’d do a little post with 45 things about him and some pictures that I found on my phone.

  1. He adopted me when I was 12.
  2. His middle name is his dad’s first name, a family tradition.
  3. He was born in South Dakota.
  4. His favorite color is green.
  5. He’s been married to my mom for 17 years.
  6. He lives in the house he grew up in.
  7. His third grade teacher was my 5th grade teacher.
  8. We’ve worked together for the last 8+ years.
  9. He taught me to drive.
  10. He proposed to my mom 3 months after they started dating.
  11. His first granddaughter is due in September.
  12. This year he is the same age as his grandma was when he was born.
  13. He is an only child.
  14. He joined the navy when he got out of high school.
  15. His first four grandchildren are boys.
  16. He has four children.
  17. When I was 11 we went to Alaska.
  18. This year my parents took a trip to the other side of the states, Florida, and they have traveled to a lot of the states in between together.
  19. He’s been on 2 cruises. A day cruise in Alaska and a Carnival Cruise.
  20. We always seem to get a blizzard around his birthday. (This year included).
  21. He and I threw a surprise party for my mom 7 years ago.
  22. And my mom and I returned the favor 2 years later.
  23. His favorite treat is lemon bars from his grandma.
  24. He used to work with computers but now works in the oilfield.
  25. Last year he had a heart valve replaced and has now recovered from it.
  26. He loves comedies.
  27. He’s had several different hairstyles over the years from a rat tail to his current one: shaved head and a full beard.
  28. When I was growing up he had a tattoo of a panther on his shoulder but had it covered up with this multicolored fish.
  29. He’s got a few traditions he keeps every year. The first is taking all of the grand kids trick-or-treating.
  30. The second is we Black Friday shop.
  31. He’s climbed Devil’s tower.
  32. He was a Boy Scout and later a troop leader.
  33. My mom calls my dad’s watch the go-go gadget watch, and partially because he loves tech stuff!
  34. He and my mom are active participants in church.
  35. When a new restaurant opens in town my dad likes to go try it out.
  36. He likes to workout.
  37. In the summer you can usually find him outside.
  38. My parents own a cabin and have big plans for it.
  39. They also have a RV that they travel in when they can.
  40. His grandsons are some of his best friends.
  41. He has a big extended family.
  42. A few years ago he found out he’s gluten intolerant and it changed his life.
  43. He loves coffee.
  44. And chocolate!
  45. And we love him! Happy belated birthday Dad
And most of my pictures ended up with my nephew(s) in them. Oh well he loves the little guys!
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