Fed+Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia

Last year I read Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe and loved it! At the time it was the best health book I had ever read. That is until I found Fed+Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia. I have been looking for a book that would help me find out how much protein and fat I need to consume. Since my half attempt at the 21 Day Sugar Detox last summer I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t get enough of these two things in my meals. As a result it greatly affects my energy and mood. But now I’ve got a great tool at my disposal.

Who is Cassy?

Cassy is the amazing blogger and leader of fedandfit.com and the Fed+Fit podcast. On these and her instagram account (@fedandfit), you will find a collection of topics not only focusing on the four pillars of health but on safer products and plenty of pictures and videos of her Great Pyrenees Gus and her adorable little family. You’ll also find a ton of positivity and inspiration. Whether she means to or not she is an infectiously happy person that is knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time.

What is this book?

In essence it’s a health book. The description on the cover is “A 28-Day food & fitness plan…” But it is so much more than that. It is a lifestyle change, a resource, an inspirational book, and finally a cook book. Cassy talks about her own health history and how she developed the project. She talks about the four pillars of health. Then gives you a meal plan and a daily workout routine. This last part was put together by one of my other favorite bloggers, Juli from paleomg.com. But if you don’t want to follow those to the letter that’s okay too. She lays out what she wants you to do everyday overall. She also tells you how to adjust things based on certain environmental or personal factors. For example, how to increase your water goal if you’re working outside in 90 degree heat and sweating a bunch!

I have used this book so much already and I haven’t officially taken on “the project.” I was making dinner one night and the recipe called for 3 carrots. However, I only had baby carrots and didn’t know what that conversion was. But Cassy’s book did! I looked it up and was able to chop up the correct measurement of carrots for my recipe. This book has become a constant on my counter top.

The other thing I love about the project is it’s not the kind of thing where you either succeed or fail. Rather, Cassy gives you lots of good information and tools to succeed. The project is the beginning of a lifestyle. She doesn’t expect or want you to never go out for drinks or have a slice of pizza. She wants you to feed yourself with good healthy food and get in shape so you can do anything you come across in life. Your body shouldn’t hold you back.

But my favorite thing about this book is this is a sustainable way of eating, exercising, and living life. I took a screen shot the other day of a post Cassy put up on her Instagram. That is her breakfast that day and it could have been right out of the book. And this book was published in 2016. So for over the last three years she’s been eating this way (and truly quite a bit longer than that). She is definitely leading by example.

So if you see this book and are curious I would highly recommend it (5 star rating on Goodreads). This book is so complete that everyone could find a good bit of information inside it. And if like me you have a long way to go on your health journey just remember what Cassy says, “You have totally and completely got this!”

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