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Happy Monday! The Viking and I are on a little vacation, or rather stay-cation this week. We are mostly just hanging out and enjoying some time together and to relax with our puppies. So far that has meant lots of time to read! And today I’m going to be talking about Eragon by Christopher Paolini and the movie by the same name.

This is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle series and is also the only book in the series that is also a movie. So far. This book was published way back in 2002. I thought I had read this book in junior high because I remember Eragon sneaking around keeping Saphira a secret. But now I’m not so sure that I actually finished it because the rest of the story felt completely new to me. 

The movie came out in 2006 and below is a comparison of the two formats similar to what you see in my A Series of Unfortunate Events posts. Inspired by my December Fairy Loot box I’ve decided to read this series and for this installment the Viking and I sat down and watched the movie as well.


Eragon is out hunting in the forest when he finds a strange blue stone. He isn’t sure what it is but knows it is no ordinary stone and is also probably valuable. Eragon’s hunt also isn’t successful so he first tries to trade it to the local butcher for meat but the butcher will not take it. Good thing because a few days later the stone hatches revealing a blue dragon, Saphira.

Dragons and their Riders are from another time and for the most part all of the dragons are gone except for the one who belongs to the King. Because of this he knows that for now he must keep his dragon a secret. He doesn’t think too much about the future but just takes it one day at a time. Making this easier without meaning to, Eragon’s cousin leaves for his own reasons so he only has to hide the dragon from his uncle.

Soon after, Eragon overhears the butcher telling someone that he has the blue stone and rushes home to hide Saphira. She however, knows that Eragon is in danger and these things, the Razac, are after him. Hurriedly she scoops him up and takes him away. He is able to convince her to take him back but by then it is too late. His home is destroyed and inside lays his uncle who does not survive.

Eragon now has to leave and is not alone because Saphira and Brom, a local storyteller, join him. Together they travel across the land evading Urgals and the Razac who are after the new Dragon Rider. Brom also trains Ergain to use the ancient language aka magic and to fight with a sword.

In one fight Eragon’s mentor is too badly injured and dies as a result. After his burial Saphira preserves Brom and makes it so he will not decay or be marred by time.

Eragon also ends up rescuing Arya, an elven princess, who was carrying Saphira’s egg and then was attacked by Durza. She sent the egg to the Spine where Eragon was hunting. Eragon had been dreaming of her often and becomes almost obsessive about finding her. She is poisoned by Durza, a Shade, and must be taken to the Varden, a group that fights against the King, or else she will die.

With the help of Mortagh, son of Morzan, who worked for the King until Brom killed him, Eragon makes it to the Varden and saves Arya. However, Mortagh is imprisoned because they can’t decide if they can trust him due to his parentage. Eragon tries to help but is ignored.

Finally, we get to the big battle with Urgals breaking into the mountain. Saphira and Eragon have special armor and they join in the fight. Eragon ends up going toe to toe with Durza and truly kills him by stabbing him in the heart. Everyone makes it through okay and are ready for the next adventure.


I did not like the way the dragon in the movie was rendered. in the book Sophia’s scales are sharp and hard. The description of them is impossible to misunderstand. Why the movie made her look like a feathery bird is beyond me.

I did like Brom’s death in the movie better. Before he died Saphira took him on a final ride and I really liked that. Not that his death in the book was bad, but this is one thing I definitely preferred in the movie version.

I also did not like that the big final battle scene was changed. The fight between Eragon and Durza was enough in the book and Saphira and Arya were both a part. I didn’t feel an extra fake beast was a necessary or positive addition.


I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. This book has a large world and interesting story lines. It’s also complex but for a good reason. My favorite part is probably Saphira and her interactions with the other characters.

Overall, you get the same story of Eragon’s journey regardless if you read the book or watch the movie. If you have the time I would suggest reading the book. One reason being this is the only book that’s also a movie and there is a lot left of the story. Also there is so much backstory and details that are probably going to be important later. I definitely will finish this out and next Monday I will be back to talk all about Eldest.

Until then, happy reading!

-The Viking’s Wife

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