31 Day Challenge

Hello!  Want to know all about me and my life?  I completed a 31 Day Blog Challenge answering tons of different questions and here I’ve compiled all of the posts together.  This is not necessarily the order they were put on the blog in, but rather the order of the prompts.

  1. Intro
  2. 20 facts about me
  3. My favorite quote
  4. What I’m afraid of?
  5. 10 songs I love right now.
  6. My 5 senses right now
  7. Pet Peeves
  8. What’s in my handbag?
  9. Worst Habits
  10. Best physical feature.
  11. 15 of my favorite things
  12. What’s in my fridge?
  13. My earliest memory.
  14. If I won the lotto…
  15. An average day
  16. The top of my bucket list
  17. Proudest moment
  18. Meaning behind my blog name
  19. What I collect
  20. Difficult time in my life
  21. 10 favorite foods
  22. Best thing to happen this year
  23. Dream job
  24. Fave childhood book
  25. 5 favorite blogs
  26. An old photo of me
  27. Post my favorite recipe
  28. What I look forward to
  29. Where I’ve traveled
  30. What’s in my makeup bag?
  31. Why do I blog?